Your Parish Councillors

Langwith Parish Council covers the Civil Parish of Langwith. There are 12 members who are re-elected every 4 years. The next elections will be held in May 2023.

Bassett Ward

Bathurst Ward

Poulter Ward

Your Other Local Elected Representatives

Bolsover District Council

Address: 68 Hereward Close, Shirebrook, Derbyshire, NG20 8UU
: 07976 707075

Address: 47 Albine Road, Shirebrook, Notts, NG20 9AW
Telephone: 07971 374397

Derbyshire County Council

Address: School House, Whaley Village, Langwith, Notts, NG20 9HU
Telephone: 07748 920070

Member of Parliament